Stand Up for Education – statement of support from education researchers

“As lecturers, researchers and professors of Education, we wish to express our support for Stand up for education: a manifesto for our children’s education. We urge policy makers to recognise the need for a wider vision of learning and education, which is no longer distorted and undermined by bureaucratic systems of surveillance and artificial target-setting. We call for immediate steps to end the blight of child poverty along with funding for high quality early years education and the restoration of financial support for post-16 students to stay in education. We agree that the future development of high quality comprehensive education for all depends on a well-qualified teaching profession and the principle of local democratic governance”.

To see the full list of signatories 

Alpesh Masuria, University of East London

Andrew Pearce, Leeds Trinity University

Dr Anna Traianou, Goldsmiths

Anthony Green, Institute of Education

Dr Antonio Olmedo, University of Roehampton

Prof Carl Parsons, University of Greenwich

Prof Christine Hall, University of Nottingham

Dr Clare Kelly, Goldsmiths

Prof Clyde Chitty, Institute of Education

Prof Colin Richards, University of Cumbria

Dave Hill, Anglia Ruskin University

Dr Dave Trotman, Newman University College

Erica   Evans  University of Brighton

Prof Farzana Shain, Keele University

Prof Frank Coffield, Institute of Education

Dr Gail Edwards, Newcastle University

Dr Gee Macrory, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Gerry Czerniawski, University of East London

Dr Hanneke Jones, Newcastle University

Prof Harvey Goldstein, University of Bristol

Terry Wrigley, Visiting Professor, University of Northumbria

Dr Heather Smith, Newcastle University

Prof Heather Piper, Manchester Metropolitan University

Prof Helen Gunter, University of Manchester

Dr Hilary Cremin, University of Cambridge

Prof Ivor Goodson, University of Brighton

Dr Jane McNicholl, University of Oxford

Jane McGregor, Independent researcher

Dr Joan Williams, University of Brighton

Dr Jo-Anne Dillabough, University of Cambridge

Dr John Yandell, Institute of Education

John Wadsworth, Goldsmiths

Prof John Schostak, Manchester Metropolitan University

Prof John White, Institute of Education

Jonathan Barnes, Canterbury Christ Church University

Dr Judith Hillier, University of Oxford

 Julia Everitt, Staffordshire University

Prof Julian Williams, University of Manchester

Dr Katy Vigurs, Staffordshire University

Prof Ken Jones, Goldsmiths

Dr Linda Hammersley-Fletcher, Manchester Metropolitan University

Prof Lucy Green, Institute of Education

Maggie Pitfield, Goldsmiths

Prof Mark Brundrett, Liverpool John Moore University

Dr Martin Allen, University of Greenwich

Prof Meg Maguire, King’s College

Prof Mel Ainscow, University of Manchester

Prof Michael Bassey, Nottingham Trent University

Prof Michael Fielding, Institute of Education

Dr Mike Hayler, University of Brighton

Dr Nadia Edmond, University of Brighton

Prof Olwen McNamara, University of Manchester

Dr Pam Woolner, Newcastle University

Patrick Yarker, University of East Anglia

Prof Patrick Ainley, University of Greenwich

Pete Wright, Institute of Education

Peter Hick, Manchester Metropolitan University

Prof Howard Stevenson, University of Nottingham

Peter Sorensen, University of Nottingham

Prof Peter Moss, Institute of Education

Pura Ariza, Manchester Metropolitan University

Rachel Lofthouse, Newcastle University

Dr Richard Parker, Newcastle University

Prof Richard Pring, University of Oxford

Prof Roger Murphy, University of Nottingham

Prof Ron Glatter, Open University

Dr Sarah Amsler, University of Lincoln

Dr Sarah Younie, De Montfort University

Sean Doyle, Institute of Education

Dr Shakuntala Banaji, London School of Economics

Prof Stan Tucker, Newman University College

Prof Stephen Ball, Institute of Education

Stephen Griffin, Newman University College

Sue Cox, University of East Anglia

Dr Tamara Bibb, Institute of Education

Dr Tony Eaude, Oxford

Valerie Coultas, Kingston University

Prof Vivienne Griffiths, Canterbury Christ Church University

Dr Will Curtis, University of Warwick

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