Why are there so few black History students and teachers? Conference

Followers of Reclaiming Schools may be interested in this important conference being organised to address a critical question in our schools and universities.


You are warmly invited to attend the History Matters conference, to discuss why there are so few history students and teachers of African and Caribbean heritage. Here are some disturbing facts:

  • Last year only 3 black students were admitted to train as History teachers;
  • Official statistics indicate that History is the third most unpopular subject among black undergraduates;
  • During 2012/13 there were 1340 Black undergraduates studying History, 1.8% of the total;
  • At present it is estimated that there are less than 10 Black PhD students studying History in the country.

Why are there so few Black students studying History?

Why are there so few Black teachers of history in our schools?

Why are there so few Black academic historians?

Why do some young black people view History as just a ‘white middle class pursuit’, when history is so popular at community level?

The History Matters Conference aims to explore these questions and encourage more young black people to study history. We hope to see you there!

Register for the event through Eventbrite  here

Follow us on Twitter: @MattersHistory

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