To all #NUT15 delegates

We very much hope you have had a great conference, and that you feel energised and excited about taking forward the union’s ‘Stand Up for Education’ agenda in the crucial year ahead.

We also hope that whilst you have been at conference you got to see our publication ‘Reclaiming Schools’, which has been published by NUT and which provides evidence and arguments to support the SUFE campaign.

As researchers we are keen to make sure that those with an alternative vision of education to that promoted by the GERM have the facts, the evidence and the arguments to speak back to those who think that education is about tests, markets and profits.

We formed to connect ideas and activists.  The NUT’s SUFE campaign is a great example of taking the arguments for education as a public good, underpinned by values of social justice and democracy, out to the wider public. Through street stalls, the excellent Education Question Times, and, on occasions, on the picket lines, the NUT have opened up the debate about state education and how the Coalition government has damaged it.  We seek to support the NUT’s campaign by providing evidence and arguments to support SUFE, in ways that can be accessed quickly and easily.  You don’t need us to tell us how busy you are!  We hope we can make your life just a little bit easier by making information available to you quickly, and in ways that you can readily use, on the topics that face you everyday, and which are often in the news. Recent examples of how we’ve done this can be seen in our many blogposts on free schools following David Cameron’s recent announcement to expand this flawed project, and also in our hugely popular posts challenging the arguments for baseline testing.

Ways we can help you:

  • Make use of the ‘Reclaiming Schools’ booklet – download here, but if you need hard copies contact the NUT.
  • Follow us on twitter – we’re @reclaimschools
  • Check our website – or click ‘Follow’ in the right hand tab and make sure you get news of all our latest posts.
  • Let us know if you need a speaker on a particular issue. We have expertise on a wide range of topics, and network members around the country – if you want a speaker for a general or public meeting then contact us via email, and we’ll see if anyone can help.

In the meantime, we look forward to working with you. If you have any comments on our work, feedback on our website, or ideas about what we can do to support your campaigning, please get in touch – either by email, or clicking the ‘contact us’ tab on the tool bar above.

There have always been ideas worth fighting for.

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1 Response to To all #NUT15 delegates

  1. Keith Smith says:

    There is no mention of promoting Design&Technology or Engineering in ‘Reclaiming Schools’. These are subjects that have been squeezed out due to Ebacc and Progress8 and need support. There is a new school being built (to open in September 2015) in Telford that will not have adequate facilities to allow all aspects of the D&T curriculum to be met. How will I teach metalwork without a brazing hearth?
    D&T is creative but is getting forgotten!


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