Book launches

Beyond the exam factory
Alternatives to high-stakes testing

Events are being held around England to present and discuss this new book from More Than A Score – a broad coalition of the largest teacher union NEU, parents groups, researchers, and specialist organisations for primary education, school subjects and early education.

What are the issues?
Assessment in English schools is not designed to help children learn. Its main purpose is to police schools and teachers, and it does untold damage in the process.

Primary school tests are causing stress to children, demoralising teachers, and providing little useful information to parents. They narrow the curriculum and penalise schools in the most disadvantaged areas.

This stimulating new book presents strong arguments against the present system and opens up real alternatives. It draws on a wealth of experience over many decades, in England and internationally. It presents examples of assessment methods which have been eclipsed in English schools due to the pressures of ‘accountability’.

Lambeth 22 Jan at 5.30pm  Karibu Education Centre, Gresham Road. Speakers include Mike Rosen

Liverpool 30 Jan at 6pm  The Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson St. Speakers include Alan Gibbons

Leeds 3 Feb at 1pm  Seven arts centre, Chapel Allerton. Speakers include Terry Wrigley, Pam Jarvis and Jill Wood.

Manchester 28 Feb at 6.30pm  Greater Manchester Police Sports Club, Chorlton (M21 7SX). Speakers include Louise Reagan and Terry Wrigley

More events to be announced soon.


The book can be viewed here. Please email for information on how to order. (Multiple copies from £2, dependent on quantity.)


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