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Ofsted : unreliable, destructive, beyond repair

Ofsted is clearly beyond repair, and the Election provides an opportunity to close it for good. This will help to stop the mass exodus of teachers from England’s schools. It will help schools concentrate on what really matters: children’s education … Continue reading

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PISA: no victory for Michael Gove

Michael Gove was Education secretary when the 2012 PISA results came out. He expressed alarm that England seemed to be falling behind Shanghai and Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. He wanted to make England a future “winner” in the … Continue reading

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Every learner matters and matters equally

by Mel Ainscow ‘Fixed-term exclusions in the most deprived areas of England have gone up by over 70% in the last four years.’ ‘Where did all the GCSE pupils go – and why has no one noticed?’ ‘Councils report rise … Continue reading

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Child poverty – Conservative rule

  Britain is one of the richest countries in the world, but with scandalous levels of poverty. Child poverty has grown massively since the Conservative-led government took over in 2010, and is set to increase even more. According to the … Continue reading

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Creative arts – a class issue

Michael Gove’s destruction of the creative and performing arts is an indelible stain on  this Government’s record. Rich experiences in art, music, drama and media should be the entitlement of all young people. Creative subjects and activities provide an emotional … Continue reading

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Class size – the Conservative legacy

The Conservative Party are constantly claiming to have improved schools, but without reliable evidence. They claim that more pupils are being educated in ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ schools. The Ofsted data is suspect, since the criteria have been changed so much. … Continue reading

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Life after SATs – a world to win

It is hardly surprising that the prospect of ending SATs has worried some parents and teachers. After all, younger teachers, and most parents, have always lived under their shadow. SATs are part of the landscape. It’s hard to imagine what … Continue reading

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