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‘The Reformer knows best’

A lot of policy borrowing has occurred between England and the USA, like a game of leapfrog in which each set of policymakers takes surveillance and privatisation a step further. We can however also learn from research into its impact and from … Continue reading

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Former Chief Inspector says ‘Trust the teachers’

Sir David Bell has been chief education officer for Newcastle, head of Ofsted, and permanent secretary at the Department of Education. He is now Vice Chancellor of Reading University. His views are difficult for politicians to shrug off. In a Radio 4 interview … Continue reading

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Not for profit?

by Nigel Gann The last 25 years have placed increasing responsibilities on the shoulders of school governors and heads, who for the most part have acted with integrity. Unfortunately, the rapid increase in academies and free schools, along with the … Continue reading

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Remaking school governance

by Stewart Ranson School governance in England since the 1988 Education Reform Act has been remade following neoliberal principles. It has moved from local council control to a competitive market among schools which are autonomously managed but subject to increasing … Continue reading

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Achieving socially just education

by Diane Reay, University of Cambridge This briefing note outlines how both the testing regime and the segregation of children into different sets or streams increase failure and disadvantage rather than raising standards and ‘closing the gap’. It then deals … Continue reading

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For a new public early childhood education

by Peter Moss Emeritus Professor, Institute of Education England has long suffered inadequate early childhood provision, the product of prolonged under-investment and policy neglect. The result: a system split between ‘childcare’, ‘education’ and ‘welfare’, with fragmented, incoherent and divisive services, … Continue reading

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Making schools maths meaningful

Freedom to learn and teach: Towards a relevant, meaningful and empowering school mathematics Pete Wright Institute of Education, London The school curriculum currently disempowers both learners and teachers of mathematics. Students are commonly taught mathematics in a way that they … Continue reading

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