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Bullying by numbers – its roots in neoliberalism

by Terry Wrigley, Visiting Professor, Northumbria University There is relentless pressure to raise standards – or rather scores – and it’s driving thousands of teachers to quit. The insatiable demands amount to bullying – bullying by numbers, reinforced by a … Continue reading

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What business do universities have in academy schools?

by Nadia Edmond, University of Brighton first published in The Conversation (4 Jan 2016) There has been a transformation in English education in the last decade – the academies programme has brought private trusts and corporate sponsors into the schools system. … Continue reading

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Children deserve more than slums in the sky

by Terry Wrigley School provision now in England is built on the dreams of Conservative thinkers of the 1970s and 1980s, but the dream is fast becoming a nightmare. Neoliberal ideologists in the Conservative Party thought they could dispense with … Continue reading

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Are giant secondary schools the answer?

by Terry Wrigley The news that a shortage of school places has led to giant secondary schools provides further evidence of the chaos resulting from the Government’s failure to plan. No one can feign surprise at the growing population, but … Continue reading

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If academies are the answer…?

by Terry Wrigley It takes time to transform a secondary school, so let’s concentrate on academies which had been open at least five years by last June’s GCSE. In other words, long enough for the pupils taking GCSEs to have … Continue reading

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Sponsorship mess threatens children’s future

Academy sponsors were supposed to be the magic key to sort out struggling schools. This began with businessmen who supposedly knew more about education than teachers and local education authorities. There were few takers, and among them some dubious sponsors: … Continue reading

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Education minister evasive about academy problems

The mounting evidence of serious problems with academies and free schools is clearly causing concern even behind the walls of the House of Commons. The Education Select Committee (a cross-party panel of MPs) reached some very critical conclusions. Drawing on … Continue reading

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