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Urgent action on Ofsted

Ofsted are desperately trying to rebrand themselves, including the claim that they will rely less on test data and more on intelligent engagement with the school’s curriculum. There are good reasons to be sceptical about this, given the hit-and-run nature … Continue reading

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Grim up north?

In his final report as Ofsted’s chief inspector, Michael Wilshaw chose to launch again into a polemic about the poor quality of schools in the North of England. The data he used needs more serious analysis. In recent months, Wilshaw has … Continue reading

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Robin Alexander on Ofsted’s new boss

Michael Wilshaw too progressive? Whatever next! A few days ago news appeared that the Chief Inspector is so out of favour with the Government that they are not renewing his contract. This is not entirely surprising given his opposition to more grammar schools, … Continue reading

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Bullying by numbers – its roots in neoliberalism

by Terry Wrigley, Visiting Professor, Northumbria University There is relentless pressure to raise standards – or rather scores – and it’s driving thousands of teachers to quit. The insatiable demands amount to bullying – bullying by numbers, reinforced by a … Continue reading

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Low-level apprenticeships reflect Britain’s ‘coffee shop’ economy

by Martin Allen Ofsted’s hard hitting report on the quality of apprenticeship provision Apprenticeships: developing skills for future prosperity confirms what is increasingly becoming apparent. Large numbers of apprenticeships are poor quality, involve little real training and merely certify ‘existing … Continue reading

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The apprenticeship swindle

Apprenticeships used to be an esteemed form of skills training, leading to relatively secure and well paid careers. Now the government are trading on the word’s positive connotations while selling short millions of young people. Three years ago, this was … Continue reading

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Ofsted: requiring improvement

by Mick Waters, Professor of Education at Wolverhampton University See also extracts about Ofsted from his recent book    https://reclaimingschools.org/2015/09/05/thinking-allowed-about-ofsted/ What are we to make of Ofsted? Is it the all-seeing regulator, the engine of school improvement, the guardian of standards … Continue reading

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