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School reopening? top scientists say not yet

“It is clear from the evidence we have collected that 1 June is simply too early to go back. By going ahead with this dangerous decision, the government is further risking the health of our communities and the likelihood of … Continue reading

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“Pull yourself together, child!”

England is in the middle of a mental health crisis for young people, and a major cause is the way in which they are being put under pressure to achieve. It happens at university: 146 students killed themselves in 2016 … Continue reading

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Primary school tests: what can parents do?

We recently published information about Key Stage 2 SATs in a blog post called Protecting children from primary school tests. It was based on the official instructions sent to headteachers by the Standards and Testing Agency, known as the Assessment and … Continue reading

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How Britain treats its children – a UN perspective

by Dr Pam Jarvis, Leeds Trinity University In June 2016, national news headlines were dominated by Britain’s referendum on whether to remain within or leave the European Union. Other news disappeared beneath this maelstrom, including a story which lays bare some … Continue reading

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Developmentally Informed Teaching

challenging premature targets in early learning by Pam Jarvis, Leeds Trinity University Compulsory mass state schooling was enshrined in legislation in 1880 to meet the requirements of the industrial revolution. The starting age of five was arbitrarily fixed by the … Continue reading

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