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Unequal lives – to university and beyond

This article is mainly based on new research by Claire Crawford, Lorraine Dearden,  John Micklewright and Anna Vignoles Considerable emphasis is placed on the Attainment Gap at age 16. New research has shown that this inequality continues into university and … Continue reading

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Grim up north?

In his final report as Ofsted’s chief inspector, Michael Wilshaw chose to launch again into a polemic about the poor quality of schools in the North of England. The data he used needs more serious analysis. In recent months, Wilshaw has … Continue reading

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How Britain treats its children – a UN perspective

by Dr Pam Jarvis, Leeds Trinity University In June 2016, national news headlines were dominated by Britain’s referendum on whether to remain within or leave the European Union. Other news disappeared beneath this maelstrom, including a story which lays bare some … Continue reading

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NUT strike: the only way to stop a shipwreck

Schools in England are heading for the rocks. They are dealing concurrently with: forced academies and free schools a school places crisis because Local Authorities are forbidden from building schools an impossible curriculum tests and exams designed so that children … Continue reading

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Brexit campaign leaves children scared

Racism was the main energy behind the Brexit campaign, and now we are seeing the ugly consequences. The Huffington Post has pulled together dozens of twitter reports of nasty attacks and verbal abuse not just against EU citizens but on anybody who looks ‘foreign’. Saw … Continue reading

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Primary schools responding to diversity

New research by inclusion and SEN experts Mel Ainscow and Alan Dyson, in partnership with Lisa Hopwood and Stephanie Thomson, shows how a fragmented school system is affecting vulnerable children. It raises issues about the way diversity is understood primarily in … Continue reading

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Voodoo sociology, unemployment and ‘the low-pay no-pay cycle’

by Rob MacDonald, Teesside University In many parts of the country there are plenty of ‘crap jobs’ – but what is missing are jobs that are rewarding, respectful and lasting. Too much contemporary employment is low-skilled, low paid and insecure; … Continue reading

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