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School cuts or taxing the rich?

The school cuts of around £3 billion are being presented as a necessary saving because of the need for ‘Austerity’. The School Cuts website, which has information for every school, shows that 99% of schools will have a per-pupil cut, … Continue reading

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Teaching assistants on strike

drawing on research by Professor Peter Blatchford, UCL Institute of Education Teaching assistants in Durham are about to go on strike because their employer Durham County Council has decided to reduce their pay to term time only – a pay … Continue reading

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Academy law jettisoned but pressure still on

A few days ago the Government formally dropped legislation that would have forced all schools to become academies. This is clearly still the ongoing aim of this Government, but the overt pursuit of this strategy has become untenable given one … Continue reading

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Children deserve more than slums in the sky

by Terry Wrigley School provision now in England is built on the dreams of Conservative thinkers of the 1970s and 1980s, but the dream is fast becoming a nightmare. Neoliberal ideologists in the Conservative Party thought they could dispense with … Continue reading

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Children get hurt while the rich get richer

It is no wonder business leaders are keen to continue Austerity politics. Britain’s superrich have done very well out of Austerity: in fact they’ve doubled their wealth in five years, from £258 to £519bn. A recent study shows how heavily … Continue reading

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Misleading BBC headline rubbishes free nurseries

The BBC News website has just run an article under the heading: Free nursery places ‘make no academic difference’. Public interest is ill served by such casual misreading of research and the use of sensationalist headlnes. The research cited by … Continue reading

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Did the Coalition protect schools spending?

Based on a new report by Ruth Lupton and Stephanie Thomson The Coalition’s Record on Schools  (Social Policy in a Cold Climate, working paper 13) Summary The Coalition did protect overall school spending as promised – it rose just 1% … Continue reading

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