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The mismeasurement of learning

Our new pamphlet The Mismeasurement of Learning focuses on primary assessment. It describes an assessment system which gives poor feedback on children’s learning and is damaging their well-being. The situation was brought to a point of crisis this year because of … Continue reading

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Links to posts on primary testing

We thought it would be useful to publish a list of our posts on primary tests over the past year.  Primary testing (general issues) Moving beyond ‘fixed ability thinking’ Bullying by numbers – its roots in neoliberalism An impossible curriculum: … Continue reading

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Deciding ‘ability’ and ‘potential’, or learning without limits

Alison Peacock is becoming very widely known, and rightly so, for her advocacy of learning without limits, and her challenge to core assumptions of the English education system with its constant sorting and ranking, ability tables and setting. The world … Continue reading

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A great victory – let’s make it the first of many

We have just learnt that the government has abandoned baseline testing for 4 year olds. This was to have served as the starting line for “holding primary schools to account”. The plan was a mess from the start, and showed … Continue reading

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They are children not robots: baseline research

Earlier blog posts on baseline assessment have focused heavily on the damage done by false predictions of children’s potential. This post looks at another consequence – how testing is changing children, education and teachers. *   *   * In a book … Continue reading

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Moving beyond ‘fixed ability thinking’

by Sara Bragg, University of Brighton ‘Fixed ability thinking’ takes various forms, involving ability labelling, setting and streaming. It is a residual form of the discredited belief that intelligence is fixed and genetically transmitted. It persists as the ‘common sense’ … Continue reading

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Abolishing grammar schools is not enough

by Patrick Yarker Education secretary Nicky Morgan has agreed that Weald of Kent Grammar School, a single-sex academy in Tonbridge, can open a new building in Sevenoaks. This is officially an ‘annexe’ even though it is 10 miles away. The … Continue reading

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