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Crying in cupboards: what happens when teachers are bullied

a new book by Pat Bricheno and Mary Thornton We are used to thinking of bullying as something that happens to children. This book tells a story which has become all too familiar in English schools: managerial bullying of teachers … Continue reading

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NUT strike: the only way to stop a shipwreck

Schools in England are heading for the rocks. They are dealing concurrently with: forced academies and free schools a school places crisis because Local Authorities are forbidden from building schools an impossible curriculum tests and exams designed so that children … Continue reading

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Teachers Undefeated: why Nicky Morgan should be encouraged, or, perhaps, scared

by Jon Berry, University of Hertfordshire One of the more comical moments of recent weeks occurred when Nicky Morgan tried to rally the troops at the NASUWT Conference. As a hardened ex secondary school teacher, I have some (very limited) … Continue reading

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Bullying by numbers – its roots in neoliberalism

by Terry Wrigley, Visiting Professor, Northumbria University There is relentless pressure to raise standards – or rather scores – and it’s driving thousands of teachers to quit. The insatiable demands amount to bullying – bullying by numbers, reinforced by a … Continue reading

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Why teach? and why teachers quit

A new research report by the KLM thinktank Why Teach? adds to the picture of a serious crisis fuelled by failing political leadership. As LKM’s director explains: “Ultimately there is no shortage of passion amongst teachers, but too often the … Continue reading

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‘Feedback’, the Toolkit and teachers’ workload

by Terry Wrigley.    [Work in progress] England’s schools are governed by a unique mix of surveillance and numerical performance indicators. Statistical calculations compare achievement and schools, often unfairly, while teachers are kept in a permanent state of anxiety by … Continue reading

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