Reclaiming Schools was set up to support campaigns for progressive and socially responsible education. Our aim is to make reliable research available to teachers and the wider community.

Our website provides contributions from university academics, as well as independent research by teachers, heads and governors. Most new items, as well as current information and events, first appear as Blog posts.

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Our latest pamphlet The mismeasurement of learning is a response to the crisis in primary schools. You can open it by clicking here, and order free copies from primary@nut.org.uk

We are often told there is no alternative to austerity, endless testing and targets, and forcing schools to become academies. This “dictatorship of no alternatives” cannot be overthrown without ideas.

As a network of researchers we seek to challenge this by publicising evidence and arguments that offer a real alternative. We provide reliable knowledge on key issues such as tests, the National Curriculum, child poverty,  Ofsted, ‘British values’, literacy, and the government’s misuse of statistical data.

A major priority is to support the NUT’s Stand Up for Education along with other progressive campaigns. 

The blog is constantly being updated with new material. Please click Follow (bottom right hand corner of this page) to receive alerts of new posts as they appear.

Other sections bring together evidence around major themes:

The material is downloadable and copyright free.

*   *   *

Click on the graphic to download our first publication ‘Reclaiming Schools: the evidence and the arguments’. You can also order free copies to distribute locally.


reclaim schools

Follow us on twitter @reclaimschools

Email us on reclaimschools@gmail.com


2 Responses to Home

  1. No local groups yet . . . I think there may be Campaign for State Education groups in Lincolnshire – they their website perhaps. Sorry can’t be of more help – but keep in touch in case local groups develop.


  2. marjun says:

    Are there any local groups one can join? I’m in North East Lincolnshire. There is a lot of apathy here towards change – unless it’s for charities and cancer research (where does all that money go…?)


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